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Kim Gordon

Iconic indie rock musician and feminist, best known for her work with Sonic Youth and several solo projects.

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Kim Gordon Proclaims “I’m A Man”

Musician and visual artist Kim Gordon has released “I’m a Man,” the latest preview track from her second solo album, The Collective (March 8th, Matador Records). Atop a dark, churning soundscape, Gordon ruminates on the lost role of  “traditional masculinity” and the role of capitalism in its demise. An evocative video for “I’m a Man”…

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Say Hello to Kim Gordon’s “Bye Bye”

Musician and visual artist Kim Gordon returns with her second solo album, The Collective, which will be released March 8th on Matador. Its lead track, “BYE BYE,” is out now, driven by a snaking bassline which guides us through a haunting packing list. Gordon will also play six live shows around The Collective’s arrival, beginning March 21 in Burlington, Vt.  The cinematic video for…

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